About Us

Capital City Mechanical is based in Columbus, Ohio. The company has prospered for 20 years in the Central Ohio area, growing from a small 3 person business to a 50+ employee business, with an overwhelming amount of satisfied customers along the way. Along our journey as a small business we have decided to endeavor in wide range of challenging projects in the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors. These projects range from installing new air-conditioners in peoples homes to installing large mechanical systems within Honda, Scotts, & Coca-Cola.

We believe in our quality employees. From the people in the office to the people working in the field. Our philosophy is well-treated, well-trained, and resource-rich employees make all the difference in getting the job done right no matter the type of work. This is the reason why at Capital City Mechanical we put in the extra time and effort to do things right the first time.

Andy Morbitzer


Founded Capital City Mechanical in 2002. Has lead the company to expanding from 2 employees to 50+ and growing. Over 27 years of experience in the business.

Email: Andy@capitalcitymech.com

Phone: 614-871-8100

Kellee Copeland

Office Manager

Kellee joined Capital City Mechanical back in 2011 after the retirement of our previous office manager. Kellee goes above and beyond to keep everything within the the walls of our building functioning fluidly.

Email: kellee@capitalcitymech.com

Phone: 614-871-8100

Kathy Greenlee

Office Manager

Kathy is the co-office manager at the company, working hard alongside Kellee to make sure everything in the company runs smooth with everyone of our employees and customers on a day to day basis. Kathy is your go to contact for A/P.

Email: Kathy@capitalcitymech.com

Tim Leslein

HVAC Industrial Project Manager/Estimator

Zach Gray

Special Projects Manager

Zach has been with the company for several years. Initially working out in the field, he is now charge of the special projects division, allowing us to work on a variety of unique workplaces.

Email: Zach@Capitalcitymech.com

Nate Whitt

HVAC Manager

Donnie Kelly

Large Scale Commercial Estimator

Donnie works along side Alex as the lead estimator for our Large Scale projects. He has been with our company for 10+ years.  


Email: Donnie@capitalcitymech.com


Jon Morbitzer

Service Manager

Being with the company since 2004, Jon started out working in the field while going through the apprenticeship program. After many years in the field, he is now beginning to manage and grow the service division of our company.

Email: Jon@capitalcitymech.com

Josie Witteman

Tool Manager & Office Assistant

Josie just joined us in 2020 to help keep our tools organized and implement a new tracking system for them. She also helps us out in the office with A/P and keeping track of our company vehicles.

Email: Josie@capitalcitymech.com

Alex Moore

Large Scale Commercial Projects Manager

Alex joined our company in 2017 and is now the leader of our commercial team. A 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Construction Systems, he is someone we think is a great asset to our company. He works with Donnie to help bid and manage all of the large scale commercial projects.

Email: Alex@capitalcitymech.com

Kerry Freed

Large Scale HVAC commercial estimator

Kerry joined the company in 2020. He makes a great addition to our rapidly growing HVAC division.

Email: Kerry@capitalcitymech.com

Taylor Justus

Service Coordinator & Marketing Manager

Taylor joined us full time after graduating from The Ohio State University in 2017. She works hand in hand with the HVAC, plumbing service, and hydrovac divisions. She takes care of the scheduling, invoicing and collections for all these departments. She also handles marketing for the company.

Email: Taylor@capitalcitymech.com